The FAR method to describe your products and services

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What is FAR?

FAR stands for:
•    Features
•    Advantages
•    Return

How is this helpful?
The far method is an easy and effective way to write and convey your products and services for your marketing materials – use them when you are creating an advertisement, writing a description for your website, telling a potential client “what you do”!

How to create them
•    Feature(s) – describe the key feature/what your product does or what your service is
•    Advantage – what is the benefit that this product or service provides? In comparison to your competition how are you an expert?
•    Return – ROI (Return On Investment) What’s in it for me? Why or what would a customer “get” from purchasing from you?


When crafting your Return message, below are the top reasons people will buy:
1.    Save time; Save money
2.    Make money
3.    Avoid effort
4.    Increase happiness
5.    Find Success
6.    Be pain free – Better health
7.    Have fun
8.    Gain praise
9.    Feel safe/secure
10.    Feel liked/loved/popular

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