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The World Wide Web (WWW) was created in 1990 by the British CERN physicist Tim Berners-Lee1. He developed it so physicists from around the world could share data.

The World Wide Web has changed our lives; how we communicate; how we do business. I have been developing websites since 1999 and I have gathered many development insights since then.

From now on, I will be sharing tips in this newsletterWebsite Psychology 101so that you can evolve, engage, & empower your business, your website, your marketing message. Below is the first Tip.

Your Value Proposition
The first thing a viewer should see when they come to your website is a statement saying exactly what you do, who you do it for and what differentiates you from the rest. This is called a Value Proposition.

How can you develop your Value Proposition?
A Value Proposition is the primary reason why a prospect should buy from you. What differentiates you/your offer from your competitors.

So ask yourself, if you had just 10 words with which to describe why people should buy from your company instead of someone else, what would you communicate?

Example: Enovations Designs creates effective, results driven websites to grow your business.

Once you define specifically what you do and how you do it put those words into one sentence, so when viewers read it, they will know exactly what you do.

And once your sentence is created, put it in a H1 tag (large text) on the top half of your website!  [And next time I will explain the importance of H1 tags]

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