Are you doing your part to make sure your online messages are being read?

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Email newsletters for businesses

In today’s digital world, it can be very easy to have your products and service promotions lost in the shuffle.

Companies are switching from print ads and mailers for e-mail blasts & social media and that’s great! Why? Because we are all on our phones and computers. We’re connected.

Do you send out an email newsletter?

If your answer is No – we can help!

If Yes – Have you considered segmenting your list based on your customer’s buying patterns? It can help your business see a higher return and increase your sales.

“41 percent of consumers who got a “highly relevant” digital ad or e-mail from a retailer spent more with them than with rivals.”

Here are some key pointers to get you started:

  • • Gather Information about your customers. From your website sign-up form. See who clicks to your landing page. Make notes of incoming inquires.
  • • Survey your customers. Inquire about their shopping experience to see if there are areas where improvement is needed. What are their likes and dislikes? What services can you offer from  surveying them?
  • • Utilize technology. Match your customers with the appropriate merchandise based on likes/dislikes/shopping history/etc. For example: Send out your latest products/services by email or post on social media.

In a recent article from the Globe and Mail, it discussed that the e-commerce industry has made the shopping experience more impersonal and more competitive. To gain or retain customers, companies need to differentiate themselves by having a more one-on-one approach to keep those customers coming back.

Think about your own experience- how often have you trashed an obvious mass e-mail without even reading it? Or saw advertisement banners on websites for products that are completely unrelated to the content you are viewing? Makes you wonder if the company behind those even care about the consumer’s experience.

Tailoring your messages to the individual customer will grab their attention because there is a personal connection. Simply addressing the recipient by name can even increase your return!

So gather information from your customers. Interact with them. Be that personable business to create edge over your competitors.

Need help to increase your sales? Contact Enovations Designs at or call 289-316-0476 today!

Strauss, M. (March 25, 2016). Companies adding a personal touch to online shopping. Global and Mail.

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