Social Media Integration

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Social Media Integration

What is Integration?

Integration of social media is an important aspect of any small business. In general, social media websites such as Facebook allow businesses to maintain a relationship with existing customers, attract new potential buyers, and develop a brand personality.

Social media integration is the act of spreading your brand out among various social media networks and linking them together. For example, your website may feature a Facebook and Twitter icon. On your Facebook, you will link back to your website and to your Twitter as well. This keeps everything organized, easy to find, and helps bring everything together in a clear, concise manner.

Why Integrate?

Social media integration allows for your existing audience and new potential customers to interact with you in a way that they understand and that is familiar to them. Having social media buttons visible on your website also shows that you are up-to-date, current, and in touch with today’s average internet user. Not only this, but keeping your Facebook updated and linked can help your SEO results as well.

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