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What is Navigation?

Website navigation is what helps your potential customers and visitors find what they are looking for fast and effectively. Clear, concise navigation usually consists of no more than 5 or 6 headings. If there is more related information you want to include, drop down menus can be implemented so that your website does not look cluttered. Titles often include a “Home”, “About”, and a “Contact Us” section, but can vary from website to website depending on specific needs.

Website Navigation Tips

• Using too many words can look cluttered and be confusing. Try sticking to just one or two clear words that explain what the page or category is about

• Have no more than 5 or 6 titles on your navigation bar. More than this looks cluttered and can be confusing to visitors.

• Include a footer navigational bar that contains the same information as your top bar. When someone scrolls to the end of the page, they will not have to scroll to the top again to visit other pages.

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